Surgical Skin Closure

What it does:

ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure engages full thickness skin and closes high tension, retracted skin defects, leaving nothing behind except a sound primary repair. Nothing beats a primary closure.

When it is used:

ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure is indicated whenever conventional primary closure of a skin defect is complicated by high-tension, retractive forces.

Why it is used: 



  • Achieves a primary closure

  • Normalizes compartment pressures

  • Restores normal skin integrity

  • Eliminates need to skin graft





  • Promotes patient mobility

  • Reduces OR visits

  • Reduces hospital length of stay and costs

  • Reduces homecare expenses



How it works:

The ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure system restores the primary closure option for high-tension, retracted skin defects. Over time this dynamic wound closure system pulls the skin margins together under tolerable tension while normalizing compartment pressures. This ABRA system eliminates the need to graft by re-approximating the skin margins, resulting in a primary closure.

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Our Vision

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Improvement for the patients, so they can recover as much as possible to their “old situation”, meaning as it was before their injury.

Improvement for the medical specialists, who will be able to work quicker, better and more efficient and effective, with the improved medical solutions



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